Exercise is good for you

Just a quick note tonight.
Loads of anxiety today, so I bought a sandwich and had a "walking" lunch.
Two immediate results:
Pain in my hips and legs, which most likely means that I should walk more.
Amount of anxiety much lessened in the afternoon.

If it only wasn't so boring,
walking from point A back to point A is not my idea of a good time.


I've decided to start posting here again. I have a permanent account so why not use it.

Feel free to unfriend me though, since I'll be using this as a sort of therapy.
I am very depressed right now, and I think it would help to write some stuff down.
Who I am, who I want to be, what I believe... Stuff like that.

Sad Panda

I got my yearly raise today.

First my boss told me that I'm the best java programmer in the universe, (I'm slightly exaggerating),
then he gave me a tiny tiny raise.

It always makes me sad when that happens, if I'm such a great programmer why can't he show me
by actually giving me a big raise. I feel as if he doesn't mean it, he thinks I suck, but flattery is free.

I feel like a failure.

(Sorry for spoiling your nice friend page, just needed to vent a bit.)
cartoonish me

Red Fridge?

Out walking last night I found a shop selling refrigerators.
Googled it when I came home and it's apparently italian.
I guess it's because i'm a nerd, but I found it highly amusing.
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Summer in the city

I went to the comic book shop today. I had 23 comics waiting for me, (mostly Fables and Echo).
Talk about procrastination, I should try to go there more often.

I also brought home the latest volume of Girl Genius, and "Mouse Guard - Winter 1152".
All in all, a successful expedition.