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I love my job !

They were going to install Win XP and all the programs we need on our machines during the weekend.
Friday I saved everything I needed on another drive. Kissed NT goodbye and went home.
Today we find that they have managed to install Win XP, but nothing else... No way to work.
Time to surf the web, but I don't even have my IE-favorites anymore. * Twitch *

Edit to add that they have installed IE without giving me the right to change the security options.
How am I going to be able to play popcap games if I can't change the security settings. * Twitch, Twitch *

Edit again, (after lunch), with more fun stuff. You know that other drive where I saved all my stuff. Before I saved my stuff I cleared out a lot of old stuff. And it seems as if they have put back all the old stuff. So... My Really Important Stuff is mixed up with old crap. This gets better and better.

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