Fredrik M Lundh (dominicflandry) wrote,
Fredrik M Lundh

I went, I saw, I came home again.

So, I went to Worldcon, (World Science Fiction Convention).

Truth to tell, I'm a bit disappointed.
I'm not sure what I should have expected.
I just thought it would be more, bigger and better than the swedish cons I have been to before.
But it was just like a normal swedish con, great programme, interesting guests etc...

The programme had more stuff, but I can still only see one thing at a time.
Rather frustrating really, lots of stuff I had to skip because I wanted to see other things.

And I made a mistake. I have never seen a real masquerade, it was great fun, but it took forever.
When it was over I was too tired to go to the swedish roomparty, and that sucks.

Saw lots of interesting discussions. Saturday I even had something of a theme going...
11:00 Rainbow Over the Future - about gay marriage
12:00 Romance in SF and Fantasy - about romance in SF and Fantasy
13:00 It's OK, it's Lurve - about sex in children's and YA books

Janet McNaughton at promised to put up a list of the books that was mentioned at sundays panel, Lost and Found: Children's Books We Miss. Sometime after the 16th, (I think, she wasn't going to go home directly after the con).

Laughed till I cried on Quiz: Just a Minute on saturday.
I was very impressed with Ian Watson's way with words when he, (and 5 other people), where supposed to speak about a subject for one minute without hesitation, repetition or deviation.

Saw lots of other stuff, thats just from the top of my head.

And I even managed to control myself in the dealers room. I only bought 9 books. (and I only had 2 of those before, my memory must be improving)

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