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LJ Interests meme

Picked this from several people on my friendslist, jophan, jlms and cdybedahl, possibly someone else I've forgotten...

LJ Interests meme results

  1. bill willingham:

    When I was younger I used to look for pornographic erotic comics in the comic shop. One day I found the first and second issues of Ironwood, written and drawn by Bill Willingham.

    Skimming through the first issue I found lots of nudity in some kind of fantasy setting. Nice, thought I, and bought them. The whole series was 11 issues, and I think it was around issue 4 or 5 that I realised that all the sex was just a distraction.

    "Oh no, a whole page with people having sex, I don't care about that, get on with the story !"

    After reading Ironwood, I have tried to buy anything he has been involved in. The few issues of Coventry, the Strange Heroes and Pantheon comics. And of course Proposition Player, here is a text from the official homepage, (

    "Joey Martin is a Proposition Player at the Thunder Road Casino in Las Vegas. On a lark, he bought the souls of his friends and coworkers for the whopping sum of one beer. Now, due to actions of agents from Heaven and Hell. His friends have started dying and Joey has to provide the afterlife."

    Very odd story, I love the mans imagination.
    Now he does Fables for Vertigo, if you haven't heard about that you should be ashamed. Characters from the old fairytales in the modern world, simply wonderful.

  2. computer programming:

    It's what I do for a living. Most of the time I actually enjoy it.

  3. douglas adams:

    Wrote two books about Dirk Gently, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency & The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul, which I absolutely adore.

    Also responsible for The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, in it's various incarnations.

  4. gretchen peters:

    Writes lovely songs. I discovered her through one of my favorite country singers, Martina McBride, who sang Independence Day written by GP.

    I actually saw GP once when she did a concert in Stockholm.

  5. jane austen:

    This is all BBC's fault. The version of Pride and Prejudice with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth sold me totally on her stories. (Never much liked Emma though.)

  6. madeleine brent:

    A writer of romance novels that I like a lot.
    Could be because "she" is actually a pseudonym for Peter O'Donnell, the writer of the Modesty Blaise books and comics.

  7. modesty blaise:

    The books about her are great, the oldest comics are good, the newer comics are okay.
    She's one of my heroes, actually.

  8. polyamory:

    When I was a kid I liked to read Heinlein's stories because of the action and adventure, as I grew older and started to read his later works there was more talk than action.

    I like his later books because they make me think about things, religion, family, politics etc...Don't always agree with what he says but it gives me something to think about.

    His stories about Lazarus Long and his "interesting" family arrangements, made me think about different ways of living together with people.

    Somewhere Lazarus said something about a big family being good for the children. Economic safety and if one father dies, the kids still have other fathers.

    I have always considered children to be something immensely valuable, and their safety is important to me.

    (Theory speaking, I have never found even one woman who liked me, don't think I ever will.) But I like the concept of polyamory.

  9. robert rankin:

    After seeing him perform Do It Yourself - The Musical at Rancon 2003 it's impossible to exclude him.

    He also writes great books, like The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse, (love his titles)

  10. terri clark:

    Another country singer, lovely voice, also likes to look at pictures of her, since she is hot.

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