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Since I had cheese for dinner...

Incidentally, the fact that I was already anxious before I started to bid on this apartment means that I'm
now anxiousier than ever. (If you want to use that word, (but why would you, when you could write 'more anxious'), remember whom to credit)

This is the third year in a row that I've been depressed and anxious from, approximately, september to december.
I actually think I can see a pattern here, which sucks. The fact that I didn't see it earlier is what sucks.

The year I hit my thirtieth birthday, I felt like this. I was looking for a girlfriend, no luck and I was getting more and more depressed. Some time in december I decided never to hit on a girl again. If a girl walks up to me and tells me she likes me, then I'm going to check it out, but no more looking. And almost immediately I started to feel better. All these years I thought it was the relief about not thinking about the dating game anymore, but maybe the season was just over. New year = not depressed anymore. Which means that I've wasted 8 years that I could have been looking for the perfect women, (Yes, I know how to spell that.). That's irony.

I guess I should call a doctor, but most likely it will go away after christmas. And from what I hear, the medications take at least a month to start working. Last year I spoke to a guy once a week, and I guess it helped. But it took two hours, two hours that I had to work extra to make up for. I don't feel like working two hours extra right now.


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