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No apartment this time

Me: 1750K SEK
Competition: 1800K
Me: 1850K
Co: 1860K
?: 1870K <-- Someone else that only showed up once, odd
Me: 1900K
Co: 1950K
Me: 2000K
Co: 2010K
Me: Giving up !

Funny thing is, when I told the broker that I wouldn't bid anymore, he sounded really surprised.
He was like: "Oh, well then... I guess we have to try to get closure with... this other... person..., I will call you immediately if something happens..."

If I had been just a little bit less paranoid, I wouldn't suspect him of trying to raise the price by 'inventing' the Competition.
As it is I do suspect just that. Interesting to see if he calls back because the Competition backs out. **Grin**
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