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Back from celebrating Christmas at my mothers place.
It was a nice quiet week since my sister and her 7-year old son wasn't there.
They were staying home this year, which means that it was just me, my mother and her 'boyfriend'.
My mother is 62 and she stopped working this summer, so she had lots of time on her hands.
For the first time I can remember she wasn't totally stressed out on Christmas Eve. It was a nice change.

We played some cards, (I lost as usual), ate loads of homemade food and watched a few movies.
They, unlike me, have a TV and I tried to find something worth watching. The commercials once again
reminded me of why I don't need a new TV.
The best movies of the whole week were Sabrina and The African Queen which I brought with me on DVD.
I also brought Harvey but we had no time to watch that.

The weather was nice, -30 degrees celsius and 50 cm of snow. That's the kind of Christmas I like. Especially if I can stay indoors. We even saw the sun a few times.

And then I went home, 1000km south and what do I see when I look out the window ?
Snow, it's not snowing from the top of the window going down, it's snowing from the right of my window and it's going left. Snow belongs outside my mothers window, where they have a tractor to remove it, and a nice cozy fire going so you can ignore it.
I don't have a cozy fire at my place, and I hardly have any food left. I need to go shopping but who wants
to go out in this sucky weather. Not me. I'll give it a day, but then I must buy something. The new year is coming up, and I need cheese and crackers to celebrate that. I can't decide if I'm just going to play World of Warcraft the whole weekend or if I should watch something. It's time for The 10th Kingdom or Pride and Prejudice, I haven't seen either one for a long time.

And to celebrate the weather...
Swedish trivia you didn't need to know:
The swedish band Snowstorm had one big hit, it was called Sommarnatt, ie Summer night.

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