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I have the bestest friendseses!

Yesterday I decided to check out the flat during lunch. I ate with two of my coworkers, S and K.
They both followed me to look at the place. When we looked at the living room S said that I needed to paint it.
Since he was going shopping in the evening he also volunteered to buy paint and everything else needed to do the actual painting.
When we got back to work he was very enthusiastic about it, and talked to a lot of people.
The result was that today i was joined by S, K, J, M and H (hope I didn't forget anyone) during the lunch.
We went to the flat and painted the roof and the walls of the living room. (M fetched pizza).
Tomorrow we are going to put up another layer of paint.

I never even asked them to do it, they just volunteered.

I think I'm going to paint the bedroom during the weekend, after that I can get a moving company to move my stuff.

The fact that I'm starting to suspect that I've 'broken' my wrist isn't as nice.
A week ago I tried to step down from a stepladder and I ended up falling and landing on my hand.
It hurt a bit but I thought it would stop after a few days, but now it's been a week and it still hurts.
Maybe I cracked a bone in the wrist or something, if the pain doesn't stop soon I guess I have to find a doctor
that can do an x-ray.

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