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I have peed in all the corners...

Last monday the moving company packed, tuesday they moved all the stuff.
76 boxes, most of them containing books/comics.
Tuesday evening my mother came to town, and she's been unpacking stuff during the days. (*)
(While I've been at work)
My bed is assembled and the books are on the bookshelves.
I still have a computer in a box, but other than that I think I'm settled.

She vacuumed all the books before she put them on the shelves.
The only reason she didn't put them in alphabetical order is because I didn't ask her to.

Funny story...
After a few days of us unpacking stuff and moving boxes full of books, the bed, the desk and bookshelves around, I happened to tell her something that made her laugh.

Mother - Please don't make me laugh, my side hurts when I laugh.
Son - ?
M - I fell on the icy driveway a few days ago, I think I cracked a rib.
S - !!?!?!

She tells me it's no use talking to a doctor because there's not much you can do about a cracked rib.
But I think she could have told me about it a few days earlier.
Then I could have lifted all the heavy stuff on my own.

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