Fredrik M Lundh (dominicflandry) wrote,
Fredrik M Lundh

Not as sore anymore

Yesterday I went to my boss Ms house.
With the help of a crowbar I tried to demolish as much as possible.
Great fun.
I especially like the sound when I manage to get a big piece of wall to drop down with a crash.

It's just fun and games for me, M takes it a bit more seriously.
M and family bought an old house to get to the land it was standing on.
They're going to tear down the old house and build a new one instead.
The new house arrives sometime in october so they need to remove the old house and finish the foundation
for the new house before then.

Last time I helped him, saturday 3 or 4 weeks ago, I was sore for 4 days.
I could hardly get out of bed on sunday, and my back hurt for days.

This time it's mostly my hands that hurt.
Hopefully it means that I'm getting stronger, not that I didn't work as hard as last time.

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