Fredrik M Lundh (dominicflandry) wrote,
Fredrik M Lundh

What I've been doing lately

Took the rest of the week off, flew to Umeå.
My sister G picked me up, and drove me to her home outside Husum,
(where she lives with her husband U, their son Zed, and Us son from a previous marriage, S).

Spent the day watching Zed, (the 8 year old energizer bunny), play 'The Legend of Zelda' on his Wii.
Translated everything from english to swedish, since Zed doesn't know english.

The relatives went to school, and I played 'The Legend of Zelda' until they returned.
We went to The Partyplace where we moved furniture around to prepare for fridays big party.

(The day I turned 40)
I woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning with a toothache.
(Dental floss and a toothbrush solved that problem)
The relatives went to school again to close the place down for the season.
Afternoon and evening was spent at The Partyplace where we celebrated the fact that S. was done with school.
Saw a total babe at the party, (Em), who most likely was the daughter of Ss mothers new boyfriend.
Which means that she probably was about 15 years old. I felt extremely old.

When the party was over and we had cleaned the place up,
we, (Me, G, U & Zed), drove to Lycksele to meet with my mother and her boyfriend.
Mother had rented a cabin at a campsite where we where going to spend the weekend.
My aunt and uncle had rented another cabin, which was a total surprise.
It was great to see them.
I managed to open my presents and we started on the cake before midnight, but it was a close call.

We went to an auction where things where bought.
(Mostly crap in my opinion, though my relatives think about it as investments.)
I didn't buy anything.
Back at the cabin we met up with a cousin of my mother and aunt that I haven't seen for 15 years.
He looked the same as always. We had coffee and talked for a while.
When he left he gave us free tickets to the local zoo.
Aunt and uncle had to leave for home, and the rest of us spent the evening playing cards.

We emptied our stuff from the cabin and used the tickets to see the animals at the zoo.
It's a zoo where they only have local animals, no zebras or such.
The trees and bushes made it hard to spot anything interesting,
but I saw a few otters, a wolverine and the seals, (not too many trees in the water).
We skipped the reindeer and the moose, but spent quite some time at the wolves and bears.
U does scrimshaw on knives and wanted photos of wolves/bears to use as reference material.
They had divided the bears into two pens, one with a grown bear and three extremely cute cubs
and another with three grown bears. The three big ones where quite grumpy, they fought among
themselves and one of them actually came running at me. (I'm very happy about the fence.)

Then we split up, mother went back home and my sister dropped me off at the airport in Umeå.

It was a great birthday weekend.
I got to spend time with my relatives, eat delicious food, (U and G are great cooks), and just relax.
No big party for me or anything like that, nice. 

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