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Feeling good again. Had the shot this morning.

I have actually done stuff lately, but didn't feel like writing it...

Wednesday, Saw Lost in Translation with A. Both of us had heard great things about it, but none of us remembered exactly what. I liked it a lot. Think I owe A some money, must arrange a lunch to discuss it. Luckily we both like sushi. Mmm, sushi.

Thursday, A group at work had booked places at a "Try Chocolate and Rum" thingy. One of them got sick and I volunteered to take his place. Some guys spoke about rum and chocolate, history and different types and stuff.
We ate chocolate and drank rum, (big surprise). The only rum I really liked tasted like single malt whiskey, and thats why I liked it. Was a bit disappointed with the chocolate too, since there was only 2 kinds of dark chocolate and the rest was different kinds of milk chocolate. At least I have the same taste as the guy that spoke about chocolate, he also likes Valrhona Manjari best.

Friday, Called in sick and spent the day playing Desperados. Nothing lifts the spirit as sneaking up on people and stabbing them in the back. (Or possibly gunning them down with a gatling gun, no sneaking required.) I see a nasty tendency here, my depressions seems to ease up a lot when I'm not at work. Could it have anything to do with how boring my job is ? Nah, inconceivable. And even so, I don't have to worry about it for another 10 weeks. (I take the shot every 3:rd month.) By then it should be almost time for the yearly visit to the Augur, who will interpret my future by checking my entrails. (Hopefully without removing them). Maybe he has a clue about how to handle the big D.

Saturday/Sunday, Shopping for food, bought odd stuff and ate it during the weekend. Fried calamaris on Saturday and onion soup on Sunday. Calamaris was premade but I made the soup myself, starting with an onion. Go me! Also bought red onion but when I came home I couldn't find any recipes that used it. The only thing I normally use it for is to put it on flatbread together with a lot of caviar. Yummy, but not really a nutritious meal. Will most likely try to fry it up and eat it with some kind of meat. I bought several which means that I can afford a failure.

Today while waiting for the shot I found a quiz in the doctors office. According to my results, I don't need to eat less fat food. Which explains why I don't lose any weight when I try to diet. Maybe I need to start doing that horrible thing, moving around speedily out in mother nature and the nice fresh air, that my mother always talked about when I was younger. Yuck! I do not like running.

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