Fredrik M Lundh (dominicflandry) wrote,
Fredrik M Lundh


I'm back from my 2-week trip to Thailand. I came home a week ago, but it took me this long to catch up with the internet.

30 degrees in both air and water, (my brother-in-law brought his own thermometer), I liked it a lot.
The food was excellent, and the people were lovely.

I got sunburn on my nose, shoulders, back, lower legs and feet.
My brother-in-law, (who we called Mr Pinky during the first few days for obvious reasons), and Zed got swept away by the currents.
My mother and her boyfriend almost drowned when they tried snorkeling.
My sister freaked out when the elephant we where riding started walking with the driver still on the ground.

It was great!

I wouldn't mind going back, actually I wouldn't mind moving there for good.
Tags: vacation

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