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Work suckage

Work sucked yesterday.

I felt like killing someone by the time I could leave.
To get in a better mood I indulged in one of my addictions.


The two latest issues of PVP, always a laugh.
The last issue of Smax, not as good as Top Ten but still ok.
Fables 22, which I missed when it came out and
Fables 24, where things are heating up amongst the fables.

I also bought Strangers in Paradise Vol:III, which is a really
great read.
(azurelunatic and merhawk both have user icons from SiP and I got curious.)
I've no idea how I knew the pics came from SiP, since I've never read it before.
But once I bought and read SiP vol:I, I was hooked.

Work sucked today too and I had already read all the comics,
so I indulged again.

Pride and Prejudice, which is yummy but expensive.
Had to buy a few cheap ones to sort of even out the cost.
One Night at McCool's
and the piece de resistance, Dungeons & Dragons,
(which is the only one I haven't seen before).
These ought to last me a few days, hopefully work
will have stopped sucking by then.

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