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Healthy ?

I've had this odd chest-pain from time to time during the last months.
Since different types of heart disease runs in the family, I decided to check with a doctor.

Took a ride on the EKG-bicycle the other day and the doctor tells me there is absolutely nothing wrong with my heart. Which is nice to know.

But it leaves me in the dark as to what the problem really is.
It would have been nice to know exactly what I'm suffering from.
Now I have no clue what I can do, or even if there is anything I can do, to get rid of the pain.
Talk more to the doctor of course, but still... it irritates me not knowing.

I've already been through this once. When I got diagnosed with Crohn's disease it took the doctor 3 months to figure out what was wrong with me. Knowing is better, even if there's not much I can do about it once I know.

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