Fredrik M Lundh (dominicflandry) wrote,
Fredrik M Lundh

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I almost lost my marbles !

I've had a break-in in my basement storeroom. At first glance it looked as if they had stolen my marbles, but when I did a more thorough search I found them. The only thing that was actually missing was my LEGO. Looks like very young thieves. The rest of the stuff was turned upside down, but all of it was still there. I don't understand why they didn't take my old toys, games etc... but I'm not complaining.

It won't happen again because I've moved all the stuff to the storeroom in my apartment. Had to tidy up in the living room to make room for all the stuff from the storerooms while I repacked everything. Then put the content from 2 storerooms into one storeroom. When I was finished I had a really tidy apartment for a day or two. Now its back to the normal mess again.
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