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Every year we have a 'conference' at work. Half a day where bosses talk some nonsense, and an evening where we are supposed to get to know our cow-workers. Normally the evening is some kind of activity followed by alcoholic beverages and dancing. Getting drunk and making a fool of yourself is optional, even though some people don't seem to know about the optional part.

I like to watch people dance, and I don't mind drinking but the 'getting to know people' is always a pita. Naturally the conference committee had a secret plan for us, we where going to do something in small groups to get to know each-other. I tried to find out the secret plan, no luck. My guess is 'write a song about this boss' or something equally asinine. And since I'm still depressed, (almost 3 months now, new record), I decided to skip the whole evening thing. I know what would have happened if I had gone there. Stupid activity = Total refusal from me. The other people in the group would get pissed because I wasn't joining in the fun, and I would get pissed because they wouldn't leave me alone.

Lately I have realized that I hate doing every kind of creative activity. I'm as creative as a rock.
Guess I'm just a natural bore. I like to consume, not produce.

I decided to skip the evening and go see a movie instead.

Listened to 6 bosses yap about stuff I don't care about, and then it was time for 'Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow'. After about half an hour I realized that I was sitting there smiling to myself, it was a great movie. Beautiful, reminded me of the short Superman-movies by Max Fleischer. Story was great, actually everything about it was great. (And also Angelina Jolie, in a uniform! Thank You!)

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